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Need Yiwu agent? Looking for Yiwu agent?
Author:Management Date:2010/8/7 21:59:11 Hits:8332
Need Yiwu agent? Looking for Yiwu agent?

We are one professional purchase,buying,export ,shipping agency in yiwu china, help you expand your business in yiwu market.Our quality service ensures your successful purchasing. 

Services are as follows:
1) Product locating or sourcing
2) Hotel booking
3) Translation
4) Purchasing assistant or yiwu market guide
5) Order tracing
6) QC ,warehousing
7) Booking container, loading container
8) China customs declaration
9) Tracking shippment & providing quality customer service

If you need Yiwu agent or you are looking for your agent to handle your business dealing all over china.We can do that for you with our quality serivce and hard work. Choose us for a better future.

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