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"We believe in providing the best products and services to the right clients at the right price at the right time and from the best possible market. "
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Before you come to China:
- We advise you with best time period for your business trip to china and analyze your sourcing needs.
- We identify suppliers and get qoutations for you.
- We can book hotel for you and arrange airport pickup from YIWU, SHANGHAI & other major cities.
When you start purchasing goods:
- We guide you to visit the right product markets and visit the shops one by one 
Or visit factories if the quantity is bigger.
- We translate and negotiation prices between you and the supplier and confirm delivery time.
- We place orders for you with the product sample & pictures to the suppliers. 
- If you purchase in wholesale markets such as "YIWU FUTIAN MARKET" we write down all the details & take photos for all the goods that you order.
- We make order for you, check the price, total amount, and total cubic meter.  
When you complete your purchasing:
- We follow every order to make sure the goods production is completed on time.
- We provide warehouse storage, we collect the goods at our own warehouse and inspect the  quality according to the sample. 
- We distribute payment for goods to your suppliers or you may directly pay to suppliers.
Shipping & Forwarding service:
- We book shipping space and arrange container shipment.
- We prepare the export documents needed for declaration to "China customs". 
- We also prepare documents needed for the destination country of the shipment. 
- We send the all document with B/L by express to you to do the Customs clearance.
- We Track shipments and inform the container arrival time to you.
- For goods less than container quantity (LCL) we can do shippments in most parts of the world.

"LEE JIN SOURCE" provide Honest and fair service. Fast quotation and timely delivery.
We provide you with complete understanding and access to China market.
In case, if you don't want to visit to order by yourself. We can work as a reliable business partner for you. If you have some product that you want to purchase in China, we give you the best quotation in short time and send popular and latest products information to you.
Our service charge depends on the services needed and is negotiable . It is usually (%) of total order amount . 

Airport pick-up service: Shanghai & Hangzhou xiaoshan airport. ,

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