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"We believe in providing the best products and services to the right clients at the right price at the right time and from the best possible market. "
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 Yiwu Small Commodities
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  About us
We are a leading company involved in import & export business of various products & technology.
We provide professional China wide buying & export services.
We also provide forwarding & shipping services (By sea & By air) and also do goods quality inspection.
We are factory-direct supplier of many products and have participated in many successful manufacturing projects.

We have been dealing in small commodities such as:
Arts & craft
Decoration & Gifts
Home & Cleaning Supplies 
Travel items & Bags
Fashion Jewllery 
Hardware Tools & fittings
Office supplies & stationary

Wooden Flooring ,Solid Wood / MDF Doors, PVC Doors & Windows ,Porcelaine Tiles
Indoor & Outdoor Furniture & Lighting
Roadside Poles ,Yard Lamps & Solar Roadside Poles
Sandwich Panels, Steel structure 

CHOOSE " Lee Jin Source"
If you want to compete with others and complete your project professionaly.
If you want a reliable buying agent in China to handle your business.
If you want to develop your products or create your own brands with high quality material.
If you want faster and reliable shippment of your goods.
We warmly welcome you to contact us for a better future.



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