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Yiwu market commodities
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What can you buy from Yiwu Market?

Futian market the first phase:
1. Art & crafts ---glass gifts, wooden gifts, crystal goods, bead &stone goods, Christmas and mother’s day gifts, and all kinds of handicraft
2. Toys----plush toy, , wooden toys, plastic toys ,electronic toys etc.
3. Fashion accessories -- ring, earring, necklace, hair pin, wig, and imitation jewelry, hair ornaments etc.
4 Artifical Flower,
5 Lace & Ribbon
6 Photo frame & picture frame,
7 ceramic

Futian market the second phase:
1. Electric Products ---- radio recorder, vcd/cd/mp3 player, earphone, microphone iron etc.
2. Stationeries -----pencil, fountain pen, ball pen, pencil box files paper and all kinds of office supply.
3. Clocks & watchs
4. Sports Goods ----all kinds of sports and leisure goods( football, volleyball, badminton, bicycle, running machine, etc)
5 Kitchenware,
 6 Umbrella Market
7 Lighter & shaver,
8 Bags & baggage,
9 Cosmetic,
10 Hardware & handtool,
11 Raincoat & umbrella
12. Tool ---- screw driver, forceps, electronic tools, hand tools, garden tools, tool sets
13 glasses

Huang Yuan marked which is also called old market:
1. Textile --- clothes, cloth material, towel, and tie etc
2 Socks & Stocking,
3 Underwear
4 Scarfs & Gloves,
5 Daily-use items
6 Shoe,
Bin Wang market:
1 Garments,
2 Towel,
3 Bedding,
4 food and beverage

Yong Kang hardware market:

2 scooter
3 all kinds of hardware

Special business street
1 imitation jewellery street
2 handicraft steet,
3 lighter street,
4 leather street,
5 plastic street ,
6 zipper steet,
7 auto accessory street

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