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Simple Factory Audit
Author:Lee jin Source Date:2012/6/15 Hits:11514

What is the Simple Factory Audit?

The Simple Factory Audit (SFA) should be performed before the buyer places an order with a new vendor and only takes one day. The Simple Factory Audit is done at your manufacturer's premises, anywhere in Asia.

The added value of a Simple Factory Audit?

Our main service is the Extensive Factory Audit, which takes 2 man-days to achieve. The Simple Factory audit is also based on the ISO9000 norm but made simpler. If it's the first time you work with a factory, you want to work in a long term partnership or your products cannot be put in anyone's hands, you might need this audit. Trust is important but in business you need to know exactly who you are dealing with: a vendor, a factory or even a middleman. It is not as exhaustive as the Extensive Factory Audit, but it will give you a good picture of your business partner.


Highlights of this factory audit service

  • Avoiding scams and inexperienced vendors
  • Compare potential vendors and select viable source
  • Check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories
  • Check the experience in manufacturing targeted products of the factory

What do we check during a Simple Factory Audit?

A. FACTORY PROFILE: name, contact details, licenses check etc.
B. EMPLOYEES and WORKFORCE: management, QC, workers etc.
C. FACILITY CHECK: office, equipment, production lines etc.
D. CLIENTS and EXPERIENCE: trade history, samples check etc.
E. DOCUMENTS VERIFICATION: licenses, certificates etc.
F. The SFA also includes: production line status, vendor organization, production capability and capacity, a quick check on the existing quality system.

Why should I book this audit?

Because you do not want to buy blind! An on site visit by an experienced auditor is the only way to verify your potential business partner's profile. This Simple Factory Audit will allow you to know who you are dealing with for only $298 all inclusive.

Pricing for quality control services?

We work per man-day (200 USD all inclusive).
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